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Universal Searchlights is the sole source of the SLASS® - SLAved Searchlight System as well as the much anticipated HeliLight® series of high power helicopter searchlights.

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Universal Searchlights, LLC
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This site covers the Universal Searchlights SLASS Helicopter Slaved HeliLight SX-5 or SX-16 Searchlight and IR or TV gimbals. Airborne Searchlight Systems slaved in particular to FLIR Mark II FLIR U6000 FLIR U7000 FLIR U7500 FLIR 8000 FLIR 8500 Wescam 12 Wescam 16 Gyrocam, to the HeliLight Spectrolab SX-5 Starburst Spectrolab SX-16 Nightsun. "FLIR" "Wescam" "Gyrocam" "Spectrolab SX-5 Starburst and SX-16 Nightsun" are trademarks of those particular companies.
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